Privacy Policy:

Sherish and Sherish Connect are Committed to Your Privacy

We have a simple and straightforward privacy policy:
  1. Your photos and videos are yours and will never be used for anything else.
  2. We collect and retain the minimum information necessary to provide you the Service:
    • Sherish needs and keeps your name, email, password, and, in some cases, your telephone number for your Sherish account(s) to provide service and to communicate with you.
    • Your credit card information is held separately by Apple, Google Play or Stripe when you download Sherish and/or Sherish Connect and select your payment plan.
  3. We don’t accept advertising, so your personal or usage information is never sold to third parties or used to get higher advertising rates.
  4. When you share photos in your Private Network, we use recipients’ emails to alert them that you have shared a photo or album with them. Their email address is discarded and not saved by Sherish, unless the recipient responds and opens a Sherish account.
We don’t:
  1. Track or profile you.
  2. Offer Sherish to anyone under 13 years of age to comply with federal regulations.
  3. Share your information with Third Parties, except to:
    • Allow service providers, like our cloud provider, Amazon Web Services and Heroku, to administrate and help debug our services and servers,
    • Allow government or law enforcement officials, under subpoena or court order, to access your account.
    • Use market analytics to improve your service and prove usage data to analysts and investors.

Your photos are stored in your account on Amazon Web Services , the “cloud”, and only you determine if, and to whom, any content is shared. Once you share content the recipient may further share the content thus causing you to lose control of the shared content. Sherish allows you to specify settings to authorize those you share with.

We use both session and persistent “cookies”, which are small text files saved by your browser when you use Sherish and/or Sherish Connect, to help us provide good service to you and for us to understand our usage. Cookies help us:

  1. Remember your information so you don’t need to re-enter it,
  2. Speed navigation, and
  3. Monitor usage to provide and improve service.

Our servers collect non-personally-identifiable information in the normal course of business to improve service and provide analytics.

Any use of the Internet entails risks, and we take the following precautions:

  1. Communications over the Internet employ the Secure Socket Layers (SSL) encryption standard.
  2. Amazon Web Services, as our server and cloud storage provider, adheres to their internal security standards explained at

However, no security measure is perfect, and no method of data transfer can be assured against any interception or other type of misuse. We can not promise and you should not expect Sherish to be free of general Internet risk.

Our Privacy Policy covers our Sherish mobile, web and desktop apps and Sherish Connect. If you are located outside the United States and provide your email and password to us, we may need to transfer the information to the United States and process it there – or any other country where we operate. By using Sherish, you agree to the collection, use, storage and possible disclosure of your information as described in this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with our Privacy Policy, you should discontinue your use of Sherish. (To discontinue Sherish, see the appropriate FAQ on our website.)

If we make changes to our Privacy Policy, we will update it on our website:, so you should check it from time to time. If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy, please email them to

Dec 7, 2015