Sherish FAQ

Where can I download Sherish tools for my mobile device or my desktop?
Visit the following links to download Sherish and its companion applications:
How much does Sherish cost?
Sherish is free to download and use for the first 3 months. Even after the free trial is over, the monthly subscription fee is very affordable. See our Pricing page for full package and pricing options.
What exactly do I get with my subscription?
You get unlimited access to:
  • The mobile app, where you can do things like sharing and tagging photos right from your iPhone.
  • The companion web app, which offers much of the same functionality as your iPhone app but lets you access it through a browser on your computer.
  • The companion desktop uploader where you can upload photos stored on your computer.
How many photos can I save in Sherish?
You can store and protect an unlimited number of personal photos in Sherish.
However, Sherish is not for commercial use, and we reserve the right to shut down accounts that are in violation of our Terms of Service.
Can I share photos with friends and family who are not Sherish members?
Yes. A Sherish account is not required to view photos. If you share a photo with a friend who isn’t a Sherish member,your friend receives an email with a link to view the photo individually. You receive an email letting you know when your friend has viewed the photo.
How do I get photos from my computer into Sherish?
Download the Desktop Uploader companion application. It will allow you to easily import photos that you have saved on your computer,photos taken with DSLR or point-and-shoot cameras, and any other  photos stored on a hard drive.
How can I use Sherish to share, protect, and enjoy my photos currently on social media?
You can use the mobile app to connect to your Facebook, Picasa, Evernote, Dropbox, and Flickr accounts and import the photos to Sherish.Once they’re imported, you can use Sherish’s tools to share, tag, and view your photos. The version on Sherish is secure and backed up.
Who can see my photos?
No one can view your photos unless you explicitly share the photo from within the app.
Does Sherish compress or manipulate my photos in any way?
Sherish stores your photos in their original resolution and does not compromise the quality of your photos.
Can I upload videos?
Video is not yet handled by Sherish.
What are the system requirements?
For the iPhone mobile app:
  • iOS version 7 or higher.
  • iPhone 4 or newer model.
  • For best performance, we recommend using Sherish on a high speed WiFi connection.
Will I have access to customer support?
We have real humans ready to assist you. We are always eager to help and hear your ideas and suggestions. Contact customer support at
What happens if I cancel my account?
If you decide to cancel your account, you will receive a link to a ZIP file that contains all of your photos in their original format.That link will be available for 30 days.
You will still have access to the functionality in Sherish and the companion apps for 7 days after you cancel.You can change your mind at any time during those 7 days and go back to using Sherish without any interruptions.
Can I choose which photos to uploads?
No, you cannot currently choose which photos to upload. Sherish automatically uploads your entire Camera Roll. You can use the desktop uploader to selectively upload certain folders of photos.
Can I print an album?
Yes, you can. To print an album you simply need to be viewing the album within the mobile app, then tap on the settings icon at the top right and choose "Select photos". Once you do this you can then select all photos in the album and choose Print.